• Praying AT the Creation Debate February 1, 2014

    Bill Nye and Ken Ham, Creation Debate Logo

    For security reasons I have had to wait on making this public until today.

    Please be aware of this, and pray for me. God has allowed a wonderful door to open. I will be leading a prayer team AT the debate on Tuesday evening. By God’s grace, I have assembled a team of almost 30 of us, from numerous states, that will be praying together, in a different part of the Museum, while the debate is going on.

    We are going to handle it as we do any pulpit ministry. We will have a live feed, video only, NOT audio. This way two things happen, 1) We are not distracted by the audio, and 2) Most importantly, we are praying in real-time with what we see on the screen. Please pray that this goes well. The a/v team setting this up for us will not be available to us once the debate starts.

    Please consider praying with us from today until NEXT Friday (after the debate) by clicking onto the .PDF here.

    Click here for a link of a great, short promotional video:

    As you pray, remember that we are praying for:

    • Bill Nye, that he experiences a love from Christians that overwhelms him.
    • Ken Ham, that peace which transcends every single bit of his understanding guards his heart and mind.
    • Audiences in the Museum and in their homes, that their friends would have a sense of a “safe” place to ask questions and be given reasoned answers for a belief in a young earth.

    I trust that you are as excited about this opportunity as I am. Please know that I covet your prayers and I urge you to watch this online at debatelive.org.

    Thank you,

    Mark S Mirza

    Common Thread Ministries

  • Praying Before the Service January 10, 2011

    Even though the “tag” for this is Praying While Your Pastor is Preaching this short blog is a variation of that discipline.

    Last week I was at a prayer meeting with a group of pastors, one of them shared with the others that “…every increase that we have, tithing, missions giving, salvation, new members, baptisms (and by the way I get to baptize 3 this Sunday), but everything we are doing has increased the Sunday we started praying BEFORE the service.” He went on, “I have a group that get together here at 9:00 and we pray in the sanctuary from 9:00 until 9:30 when the service begins.” What a wonderful testimony that was.

    However I can help you, please call on me.

  • Starting a Pulpit Ministry January 1, 2011

    First, lets realize that a Pulpit Ministry is a group praying WHILE your pastor is preaching.

    When we help a church start a Pulpit Ministry one of the first questions is, “How do we pray for an entire hour?” And this is a realistic question. To that end we have put together this free download. It will help you encourage those that are a bit scared about praying that long. Call us, we’ll help you.

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