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Recorded on the 4th anniversary of the Sons of Thunder, from Dr. Charles Stanley and First Baptist Atlanta (FBA)
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  • My New Book, “Praying Psalm 119″ May 15, 2012

    Praying Psalm 119 CoverI have written a number of books, but this is the first one (since Prayer Made Alive) that I have had peace about printing. I believe this will be an excellent tool for you to cause Psalm 119 to really come alive to you.

    Check out the Title Page (below) as there are a couple of appendices that you will find both encouraging and, well, fun, believe it or not.

    We’ll see what happens with the other books.

    From the Table of Contents:

    As this ministry moves further and further in the direction that I believe God is leading it, I find myself more and more burdened to help folks learn to pray for both others and themselves. And it is not praying for blessings, rather, it is learning to pray for a properly broken spirit, accompanied by a contrite heart.

    As you read these prayers I trust that the passages will come alive as you make them YOUR prayers. We, as a church, are great at shallow
    repentance. But I believe that  this is a call to embrace deep repentance.

    I am grateful for two things that happened in early December 2011. First, Chaplain Paul Voorhees and Dr. Joe Coley of the Ranger Joe’s God and Country Show challenged me with a daily radio prayer show. And second, the Lord and I visited together in Toccoa Georgia at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center where He and I fought over Him teaching me brokenness…Praise the Lord, I lost, and these prayers reflect that.

    Mark S Mirza
    March 22, 2012

    To See Samples of the Following:

    Title Page, Click Here:
    Psalm 119 Prayers, Click Here:
    Psalm 119 Overview, Click Here:
    25 Days of Prayers, During Christmas, Click Here:
    Praying in the New Year, Click Here:

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