Pastors Conferences


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Mulberry Baptist Association, 2016 January 11
Auburn GA

Sarepta Baptist Association, 2016 February 22
Athens GA

Houston Baptist Association, 2016 March 7
Cordele GA

Appalachee Baptist Association, 2016 April 18
Monroe GA

Hebron Baptist Association, 2016 May 3
Bowman GA

Fairburn Baptist Association, 2016 September (Date TBD)
Fairburn GA


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4 thoughts on “Pastors Conferences

    • Look forward to seeing you there.
      Get signed up!
      Hidden in the info is that we are having an All-Night prayer time, if you are interested. It is hidden because I don’t want ANY pastors to feel bad if they do not attend it…even you!
      Love you man!

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