Praying for the Persecuted



My post today, really isn’t my post at all. In fact, it is a post by someone that I do not know. His name is Chris Poblete and he works for Blue Letter Bible.

While I do not vouch for his beliefs (simply because I do not know him) I can tell you that he has BRILLIANTLY and with as much simplicity as possible, shown us how scripture tells us to pray for the persecuted.

If you know me, you know that I am all about praying Scripture Back to God, and Chris does an excellent job with this, which is why I have every confidence sending you to his post. (Click Here)

Points 1 thru 6 are taken from the kinds of passages that are CLEARLY God’s will and allow you to pray that God is “already in the process of accomplishing” (Mark 11:24) your prayer, because it is His will (1 John 5:14-15) The only thing I would caution you on, is point 7. When you have heard me speak, you have heard me say that if you are not sure what God’s will is, wrestle with Him until He makes plain His will. He will do this thru Scripture and giving you peace, etc.

I don’t want to focus any more on point 7, because I am NOT saying, “Don’t pray for their protection.” I am merely saying pray what God moves you to pray for, on their behalf…Which is, I believe, what Chris is implying when he says, “according to His good and perfect will.”

Again, this is a brilliant article and I do NOT want my comments on point 7 to be your focus. Make your focus praying according to Scripture, for these Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as Chris so brilliantly instructs.

Chris, well done!


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